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The Riverwell Institute of Arts and Language

The Riverwell Institute of Arts and Language (RIAL) is a new institute that is dedicated to the sophisticated study of Art, Rhetoric, and Story, and is committed to the idea that learning is not just a young activity, but persists through our entire lives. We want to offer classes to appeal to everyone. Come join us as we grow!

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What is the Institute?

A new kind of school

The Institute is the part of Riverwell that offers classes to the community. Conceived in 2017 after the closing of Wentworth Military Academy, Riverwell Institute of Arts and Language brings together excellent instructors of various artistic and creative fields, and is dedicated to trying out new and innovative university course programs. 

Currently the Institute houses the Salle Saint Louis and the Lop-Eared Studio, as well as offering University Courses. You can find more information on these programs here, or course listings here. 

The Riverwell Institute is located at 711 S. Business Highway 13, Lexington, Missouri. You can reach us at info@riverwell.org. 

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The Programs

Think Creatively

The Riverwell Institute offers classes in five different groups. See below for each of the groups, and which classes are being offered. 

The Salle

Saint Louis

The Salle Saint Louis

The Salle Saint Louis was founded by Dr. Thomas Rowland in St. Louis some years ago, and is now housed as part of the Riverwell Institute. It is dedicated to the study and encouragement of responsible martial artistry in the style of the medieval knights, and teaches students how to understand movement, time, distance, proportion, self-defense, and proper sword use.  Click the image for more information



The Riverwell College 

The College is a cornerstone of the Riverwell Project, and at the moment is partnered with Saint Louis University to offer fantastic college-credit classes at low rates for students. Come study actual college classes with a professor in classes related to English literature, composition, and foreign language. 



The Shakespeare Academy

Coming soon in the future, a new way to study Shakespeare will be offered at the Institute. Directed to aspiring thespians from all over the Kansas City area, it will feature classes on medieval and renaissance dramatic styles, acting, language, accent, and stage choreography. It will culminate in an open-air production at the end of the class. 

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Shakespeare Academy


The Peripatetic Life

Do you love motorcycles? Do you love to travel? Do you love history? Then welcome to the Peripatetic Life, a new kind of classroom that moves from site to site and presents history where it happened. Coming soon, the institute will begin offering classes to students from all over the US to join motorcycle trips through Europe and South America to learn about new cultures and old history.