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Hello everyone to our planning pages for a special MAPSS come-together for summer 2019. Here we will set together the information we have for our plans. There are four possibilities for venue: please take a look over the four (click the image for details), and then drop us a line to know 1)if you can come, 2) how many you expect to bring with you, and 3) which destination you’d prefer. We look forward to seeing you!

The choices

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Details you need to know:

  • We’re planning on early summer, most likely June, for the trip.

  • This trip is being coordinated by Wei Lynn Eng and Thomas Rowland. Since Thomas resides in Missouri, and has contacts in all of these cities, we’ve elected to use his experience in setting up these packages. Plus, since Missouri is in the middle of the country, airfare is cheapest from everywhere.

  • We will coordinate as best we can to pool resources to get better deals on lodging. Airfare will be on your own.

  • Price estimates given in the descriptions are based off of prices of lodging, food, attractions, and transportation (both to there and around).

  • Kids are welcome.

  • Contact Thomas Rowland here with questions or suggestions.

Survey form

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Come to a charming little community that has a big history. Once bigger than Kansas City, Lexington has four historic districts, with townhouses dating from the 1850s just south of its historic Civil War battlefield and museum. A historic plantation, Linwood Lawn, is available for us to use as our center of activities, with historic updated antebellum bedrooms for four couples. Just an hour away from Kansas City, where we will go on day-trips for the best BBQ in the country, a thriving music scene, and lots to do. Quiet, quaint, with the best lodging prices, but the restaurant selection is a bit limited.

Cost: $

Closest airport: Kansas City International (75 minutes away)


Westport (downtown Kansas City)

Westport lies on the border of Missouri and Kansas, and is a little community with a lot going on right in the middle of Kansas City. Westport is full of restaurants, minutes away from the Plaza (upscale shopping district), Union Station (kid museums & cafes), the Liberty Memorial (to WWI), Crossroads (trendy dining area), and the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art (free admission). Parking will be a bit difficult, and lodging will be pricey in that area, but it is close to everything.

Cost: $$$

Closest airport: Kansas City International (60 minutes away)



Welcome to Missouri’s resort capital. Branson isn’t very big, which means a lot is packed into a small little town nestled in the Ozark Mountains. Featuring over 30 theatres, museums, go-carts, mini golf, outlet malls, and upscale shopping districts on the riverside, there’s a little bit of everything. Prize of the town is Silver Dollar City, a small pioneer community themed amusement park with shows, comedy, roller coasters, kids’ rides, and authentic period craftsmanship. Lots of hotels means the cost isn’t too much, but expect a lot of crowds as June is the start of the high season for tourists.

Cost: $$

Closest airport: Springfield (45 minutes away)


St. Louis

Gateway to the West, St. Louis is a great family destination. With more to do there for free than any other destination, families won’t need to worry about spending a lot on activities. In June, the gem of the city, Forest Park, offers free evening Shakespeare performances, just a five minute walk from the free zoo and also from the free art museum. Around the lake (with rental boats) is the MUNY, which hosts touring Broadway shows (free seats in the far back) at night. Lots of free activities means that lodging can be a bit pricey, and be sure to avoid the local pizza.

Cost: $$$

Closest airport: St. Louis International (30 minutes away)