What kind of experience do I need to join?

None! In fact we've found that those with less experience can pick up the techniques faster than others who have some experience in other arts systems. 

What kind of equipment should I expect to get? Are these going to cost a lot?

We require all beginning students to have two pieces of equipment: a training shirt and gi pants (the kind used in Karate for their looseness). The former will have to be purchased through the Salle: the second can be purchased through any proper vendor. (Suitable replacements for these pants may also be used). These two shouldn't cost a lot: we prefer to keep your costs low. 

Do you work in armor?

No. We do not train or practice or spar in armor, whether modern body pads or medieval styles of armor. These require adapting our techniques for use in armor, and since we do not generally spend our days in armor, we do not recognize these adapted techniques as generally useful for self-defense. 

What about sword equipment?

The salle maintains a collection of practice equipment that beginning students will use. Advanced students (those who have studied at least two years) should consider purchasing their own training sword.

Is it dangerous?

Well, all martial art systems can create danger. But our curriculum emphasizes safety over technique. We have a fantastic record (no injuries!) in our school because of this focus. So, no, you should not expect to be hurt in the course of our classes. 

Can I try out a class?

Please do! Yes, you may attend the initial two weeks of a class and withdraw without obligation to pay. If you decide to stay, however, you will be charged the monthly fee. 

Is this a regular martial arts school?

Yes and no. Yes, because just like your common karate dojos we are teaching students the value of fitness, understanding the body, and being safe. No, because we teach a different art than is available anywhere else in Missouri. If you've been interested in martial arts, I think you're going to like this a lot. Especially if you like swords. 

Is there a waiver involved?

Yes, I'm glad you asked. We have always asked our students to sign a waiver to protect the school.