Tuition for The Riverwell Institute 

The Riverwell Institute is committed to offering excellent classes at prices that are affordable for families. Because some instructors can set their own prices, the following prices are only estimates. The final price is listed on the course listing in the courses page

Class Tuition charge Extra costs involved?
Salle Saint Louis Martial Arts $95/month One time fee for uniform
McLane Studio Classes $95/month Supplies fee
Music lessons $95/month Textbook required
College courses (enrollment) $500/course Textbook required
College courses (late enrollment) $600/course Textbook required
The Shakespeare Academy TBD
The Peripatetic Life See page for costs
One-time events See event for costs

How to pay

Riverwell accepts checks made out to Riverwell Institute. You can also pay online using your credit card through our secure system. 

Pay Online here


Riverwell may have access to scholarships for families with need. Please contact the institute ( for more information.

Policies and Restrictions

  • Billing for each month is required two weeks after bills are issued.

  • Fees for lessons are not refundable.

  • No classes will be held on holidays. Classes may be cancelled by the instructor: in this case, Riverwell will attempt to notify parents and students by email as soon as possible. Classes may be rescheduled if possible.

  • Students who cannot meet tuition may be asked to withdraw from a class.

  • University courses are billed according to enrollment time (which deadline is 30 days before start of class). Late enrollment may result in higher tuition.

  • Students may withdraw from a university course at any time: however, tuition is refundable only before classes start. After this, refunds may be prorated to progress through the semester, and are subject to evaluation on a case-by-case basis. This is because a student's withdrawal from a class may have consequences on the class's availability for other students.

  • Shakespeare Academy and The Peripetetic Life have their policies and fees outlined on their individual pages.

  • One-time events are priced per event. Refunds and cancellations are available only until the start of the event.