The Riverwell Coalition

The coalition is the team of scholars and community members who are helping to build a new idea of education. They are assembled from all over the country, and are committed to sharing new ideas about how we can make education transformative and accessible to students from all walks of life. 

Take a moment to explore what makes the Riverwell Coalition exceptional. And if you're interested in joining the coalition, please contact the director at 

Members of the Riverwell Coalition

Dr. Thomas Rowland (director of RIAL)

Dr. Anthony Cirilla. Niagara University (RIAL Fellow)

Dr. Michael Elam. Regent University (RIAL Fellow)

Dr. Hope Luhman. The Louis Berger Group 

Dr. John Delony. Texas Tech University 

Dr. Matthew Bardowell. Missouri Baptist University 

Dr. Scott Mischka, Johnson County Community College

Dr. Matt Miller, Marketplace Innovations 

Dr. David Cormier, Saint Louis University