The Riverwell Conference

June 20-22, 2019

The first annual Riverwell Conference will be hosted at Linwood Lawn, in Lexington, Missouri. See below for important dates, sign-ups, and details. 



The Riverwell Conference brings together scholars, academics, and professors from all across the country to share ideas and discuss the Riverwell Project, which is committed to Rethinking and (Re)designing the American University. This year we will kick off our goal to plan and design a new university to open in Lexington, Missouri. 


Two days will be dedicated to work sessions, presentations, and introductions, highlighting specific issues of the American University as it is today, informing ourselves about problems, circumstances, and conditions, and working to create new solutions and goals. 

Part of the schedule will include meetings with the local government and community to hear and share ideas about the importance of Lexington's history, its current culture, and the future of the Wentworth campus. 

The schedule will also include a tour of historic Lexington and a tour of some notable antebellum homes, including the Anderson House. On Saturday attendees can elect to visit Kansas City in an official excursion. 


Linwood Lawn.jpg

The historic antebellum mansion of Linwood Lawn will host the conference's work sessions, as well as lodging for traveling members. You can find more details on the Lexington landmark at


Registration fees and dates

  • Interested attendees are encouraged to confirm to help for planning. You can confirm here
  • Registration opens March 1, and goes through April 18. After that, a late registration fee is charged. Register here.
  • Registration is $100 for participating members. Non-participating guests may register for $75. 
  • The excursion requires an additional fee. Details to come.